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“It is my passion to help Filipinos to be more equipped in their finances towards their goal of financial freedom.”

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Marvin Germo, RFP, ECE, is a Registered Financial Planner, book author, key note speaker, BPI Trade Brand Ambassador and personal financial consultant who is among one of the most passionate personal finance experts in the land.

His energy and zeal to educate the Filipino people has translated into transformed lives, financially free families and has transformed ordinary consumers into investors.


Upcoming Seminars

Jun 4 – Jun 11 all-day
Stock Smarts Manila
12:00 am
The Stock Smarts training program is one of the most comprehensive stock market training programs to equip you with the proper foundation on how you can build your own conviction on investing in the stock[...]
Jun 25 – Jun 26 all-day
Stock Smarts Singapore 2016
12:00 am
Stocks Smarts Singapore is back to register click this link. Technical Analysis 1: How to Find The Perfect Timing in Buying and Selling Stocks Date: Saturday, June 25, 2016 Time: 8:30am – 12:00pm Technical analysis[...]
Jul 2 – Jul 3 all-day
Stock Smarts Australia @ 99 On York | Sydney | New South Wales | Australia
12:00 am
The first stock market training program in Australia for the Philippine Market with 4 practical and interactive sessions for investors and traders who want to learn the right foundation on: What the stock market is and how[...]



Financial Seminars and Trainings

Investing, Personal Finance, Stocks and Financial Planning.

Stock Market Basic Investing Strategy

Learn sound trading and money making principles in our local stock market.

Financial Consulting / Mentorship

Daily/weekly monitoring of financial activities to achieve finance goals.

Financial Planning

Strategic end to end of your finances

This covers cashflow management, budgeting, debt reduction, risk management and investments.

Creation of financial goals and steps to achieve this goals will be tackled here.

Investment Advisory

Sound investment advice on where to put your money.

This would entail recommendations on investment avenues depending on your risk tolerance, investment horizon, capital, financial goals, etc.

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