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Mutual Funds

What is a Mutual Fund?

ShareAmong the investment vehicles today, mutual funds are one of the most popular.  After the popularity of the pre-need declined, mutual funds emerged as one ... Continue Reading →

PSEI Oct 19 2014

PSEI Update: Oct 19, 2014 – Watch out for 6,982

ShareFor the first time in 7 months, the PSEI broke its mid term uptrend.  Dropping 458 points from 7,361 to a low of 6,900. Oscillators ... Continue Reading →

Chart Smarts

ChartSmarts – Most Requested Stock Charts of the Week (Oct 17, 2014)

ShareIt’s nice to be back in Manila after 2 weeks of Financial Talks in Dubai and Doha!  Thank you so much to everyone who suppored ... Continue Reading →

Credit Cards

3 Credit Card Tricks to Help You Make the Most Out of Your Card

ShareWhen it comes to credit cards, financial experts are in opposite ends of the spectrum: some of them encourage you to use your cards wisely ... Continue Reading →

Edric Mendoza Video

ANC On the Money Host Edric Mendoza’s Message to OFWs

Share24 hours after landing from our Qatar and UAE financial seminars.  I had the honor to guest again in ANC’s On The Money last Wednesday ... Continue Reading →

Rio City of the Future

The City of the Future

ShareI got inspired after watching this video.  Rio de Janeiro in Brazil has so many similiarities with with what we have in Manila.  It’s just ... Continue Reading →

Cebu Pacific

Cebu Pacific is the 2nd Most Profitable Airline in SouthEast Asia!

ShareGood news to all Cebu Pacific holders!  After years of agony, Cebu Pacific is now the 2nd most profitable airline in SouthEast Asia!  Beating out ... Continue Reading →

Mario Flood

4 Ways to Financially Prepare for a Storm

ShareTyphoon Mario is relentlessly unleashing its fury over the Metro.  As of this writing parts of Metro Manila are flooded, others are even neck deep ... Continue Reading →

ICT Stocks

Why Stock Investing is Cool! The gains are amazing!

ShareThis is why I love stock investing!  I believe it is one of the greatest equializers known to man as this allows common Filipinos to ... Continue Reading →

Top Stocks

10 Stocks that are still in a Strong Uptrend

ShareThe PSEI has gone up around 25% from the start of its uptrend.  During its upward movement there have been some stocks that have gone ... Continue Reading →

Get Out of a Scam

5 Ways to Convince People to Get Out of a Scam

ShareDo you have a friend or family member that is in a middle of a scam?  How do you convince them to take their money ... Continue Reading →