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PSEI update

PSEI at 7,061! Another high for the year!

ShareTo those who bought FMETF at the start of the year!  Congratulations looks like you are on a roll and are earning quite good.  It ... Continue Reading →

Puregold down

Subpar Earnings: Is Puregold no longer gold?

ShareFor the first time in a very very long time, Puregold released lower than expected earnings.  As its net income hit 1.7 Billion Pesos for the ... Continue Reading →

More Than Just A Piece of Paper

More Than Just A Piece of Paper

ShareLife insurance goes beyond just paying out sums on a regular basis.  As what I always say in my talks, investments make your money work ... Continue Reading →

PSEI Aug 8 2014 b

Could the PSEI drop to 6,700?

ShareAfter hitting the resistance at 7,000, the PSEI has now dropped 4 days without 7,000 in sight.  As of today, it now has  currently broken ... Continue Reading →

Solar News

Solar News Invterview: Should I still put money in Time Deposits?

ShareI love the stock market as I believe it is one of the best equalizers for Filipinos to take part in our growing economy.  I ... Continue Reading →


Make It a Habit

ShareHabit comes from the Latin word “habitus”, which means condition or character.  Today, habit is defined as a usual way of behaving or something that ... Continue Reading →

Scam Brigada

GMA7 Brigada Interview: Aman Futures and What is a Ponzi Scam?

ShareI don’t like scams.  I just hate to see our kababayans lose all their life savings because a new get rich quick scheme comes out. ... Continue Reading →

MActan Airport

New Airports in Mactan and Bohol!

ShareI just love talking about progress!  I believe that there’s just so much bad news moving around that my desire for my website is for ... Continue Reading →

PSEI Aug 5 2014

Will the PSEI hit 7,200 or 6,800?

ShareAfter hitting 7,000 yesterday the PSE slightly dipped today to close at 6,954.   This just showcases the selling pressure at the 7,000 as investors ... Continue Reading →

Double Dragon Aug 4 2014

ChartSmarts – Most Requested Stock Charts of the Week (Aug 4, 2014)

ShareThanks to everyone who participated in the latest edition of ChartSmarts over twitter!  For this week the following stocks got the most number votes: SMPH, MEG ... Continue Reading →

Why should more people outside Metro Manila start investing?

Why should more people outside Metro Manila start investing?

ShareOver the past few years I have had the honor to be able to travel and do different talks in different areas in the country ... Continue Reading →