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Bond Basics

ShareThe stock market has been one of the most talked about topics in this website.  For years it has been my biggest passions to help ... Continue Reading →

What is the best investment

The Best Investment

ShareWhat is the best investment?  Is it buying one of the most expensive cars out there?  Is is getting a really big house?  Is the ... Continue Reading →

Is the Stock market just for the rich

Stock Smarts 101: Is the Stock Market just for the rich?

ShareOne of my biggest passions is to see more and more people learn how to invest in the stock market.  I dream of a day ... Continue Reading →

Sel Guevara

PBA’s Sel Guevara and her Money Story

ShareFor this edition of “Smart Stories” Where we feature Real People. With Real Jobs. With Real Finance Stories.  This week’s feature story focuses on hotshot PBA courtside reporter ... Continue Reading →


Top 5 Selling Points of Scammers

ShareWe’re now on our 3rd week of our “Scamcrow” series where our main goal is to help Filipinos avoid scams, get out from one, and ... Continue Reading →

Skyline Manila

The 4th Tallest Building / Tower in the world will be in the Philippines

ShareI’ve been wating for this for a very long time!  It would be nice to have an iconic landmark that we could call our own. ... Continue Reading →

Foreign Direct Investments climb 400% as of April 2014!

Foreign Direct Investments climb 400% as of April 2014!

ShareThis is progress at its finest!  With the investment rating upgrade that we bagged last year comes the no holds barred flowing of funds by ... Continue Reading →

Gotze Goal

Football and investing’s common denominator: Goaaaaaaaaaal!

ShareFIFA’s World Cup has just ended!  Check out Therese Domingo’s take on the World Cup and how it relates to investing!  I just love how ... Continue Reading →

Glenda Aftermath

The Storms of Life

ShareI was just in Tacloban a couple of days ago and was so thrilled to see life there bustling that things were back to normal. ... Continue Reading →

Things to Consider before Investing

5 Things to Consider Before Investing

SharePeople love to invest.  People love the returns.  People love the yields that they can get when their stocks would amazingly go up.  But what ... Continue Reading →