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Breaking the Resistance

Below are the available books and their respective prices. (Please check below for delivery prices and add it to the total deposit)

Marvin Germo’s Books:

Stock Smarts: Breaking the Resistance (Technical Analysis Book 1) – 795 Pesos
Where Should You Invest? – 595 Pesos
Stock Smarts: Stock Investing Made Easy – 495 Pesos
Stock Smarts: Winning Strategies for Investing – 595 Pesos
Stock Smarts: Stress-Free Investing – 595 Pesos

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Stock Smarts Books

Personal Finance Books

No Non Sense Personal Finance by Randell Tiongson- 500 Pesos
Money Manifesto by Randell Tiongson – 600 Pesos
Everyday Moneyfesto by Randell Tiongson – 600 Pesos
Debtermined by Jayson Lo – 400 Pesos
Till Debt Do Us Part by Chinkee Tan – 300 Pesos
For Richer For Poorer by Chinkee Tan – 400 Pesos

Business Books

Younique: Understanding Others by Understanding You – 400 Pesos
Younique Youth: – 300 Pesos
How I Made My First Million by Chinkee Tan – 400 Pesos


Act Like A Man by Dennis Sy – 300 Pesos
Why Settle for Good Sex When You Can Have Great Sex by Dennis and Thammie Sy – 300 Pesos

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Local Delivery – 90 Pesos
Provincial Delivery – 140 Pesos
International Delivery – Please for the rates on your region.
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Book Recommendations:

“Ignorance of money management is not a good thing. But little knowledge of it can likewise be disastrous. There is a need to learn more about investing and there is a need to seek for knowledge of the subject matter. This book offers a lot more knowledge to those who are seeking it.”

Francis Kong, Entrepreneur, Business Speaker

“Marvin’s new book provides smart and practical insights on the stock market. The way he writes is a gift not every person has—very simple but deep and meaningful for the day-to-day investor. I am honored to be a friend and follower myself”

Ricky Liboro, Director, BPI Trade

“Marvin’s passion for investing in the stock market is perplexing at first, then intriguing, then—as the faces at his seminars show—infectious. He speaks from the heart. He writes as he speaks. I guess that’s why his passion resonates to thousands and more. At the core, we aspire to live better future lives, and Marvin’s inputs move us to look beyond the now. The stock market is just a tool and an indicator of the state of our own passion.”

Lala Rimando, Managing Editor, Forbes Philippines

“If you come face to face with Marvin, you will see that he is always smiling, which is influenced in no small way by his style of investing. In this book, Marvin unselfishly shares his investment process which he aptly calls Stress-Free Investing.”

Efren Cruz, CEO Personal Finance Advisers Philippines Corporation

“This book is really an expression of Marvin’s passion to help Filipinos become financially secure. Most people think investing is only for the rich or the wise, but Marvin disproves that and makes investments understandable and accessible to the ordinary man. His sincerity and positivity is palpable in the pages of his book and everyone who reads it will be better able to understand and harness the growth potential of their money.”

Mylene Lopa, Chief Marketing Officer, Sun Life Financial

“Sometimes the problem is that we give fear too much credit. However, on a daily basis, we subconsciously defeat different levels of fear more than we think we do. We defeat fear with that first sip of coffee in the morning and only then do we find out if it’s too hot or just right. Marvin has already done a great job in helping us manage the initial fear of the stock market through his books and seminars. He takes us a step further with this book where we can all learn how the phrases “stress- free” and “stock investing” can co-exist.”

Mark Escueta, Lead Singer, Rivermaya

Financial Literacy is not just for stock market traders. People from all walks of life should be more knowledgeable about the value of investing and how your money can work for you if you play your cards right. If our generation makes the right decisions with money now, the younger ones will follow suit. This next book is going to be exciting because it will encourage YOU to invest in the stock market and how YOU can be more resilient in dealing with the Philippine market’s ups and downs. Marvin Germo’s Stock Smarts series is like having an on- call personal financial consultant.

You don’t need to have a degree in finance, all you need is to be stock smart!

The earlier you start the better. The more you know about the value of money, the more your life will be worth living!

Sel Guevara, PBA Sportscaster, Entrepreneur and Fitness Consultant.

“Marvin does it again in this book! Making the seemingly complicated stock market simple for everyone to understand and get excited about investing in our economy. My nine year old daughter loves Marvin’s previous book and started investing in the stock market. I am excited to share this book to my friends, my co-workers, and my family. A must- read for everyone serious in wanting to achieve financial peace!”

Dennis Sy, Senior Pastor of Victory Greenhills, Best-selling author

“Stock market investing is an overwhelming activity to a lot of people and that is why very few people invest in it, especially us Filipinos. The fear of investing deprives many of us of the opportunity to be able to achieve our financial goals thus we will ultimately be deprived of the opportunity to improve our future. Marvin’s books has been a big help to a lot of Pinoys as they step into the volatile world of equity investing—and this book will continue to help many more. Marvin’s new book will continue to set the foundation of a good investment strategy which will reduce the stress in stock market investing… and we will see more lives improve.”

Randell Tiongson,  Best-selling author

“There is no one person who can treat and appreciate the stock market and the over-all investment practice like a kid who enters candy land than Marvin Germo. His passion to educate and equip Filipinos towards becoming investors is contagious, inspiring, and liberating. His techniques and style of educating will not force one person to become like another, rather, it allows individuals to enjoy investing based on their own personal convictions, decisions, and plans connected to their own dreams and aspirations in life.”

Leigh De Armas, President and CEO, BrandSpeakAsia, Inc.

“I have known Marvin for the better part of 15 years, and one thing I can say about him, better yet two things—he is a man of integrity and he has a genuine love for his nation. I believe these are the reasons he has pursued and is so passionate about investing. His desire is to present to his kababayans an integrous approach to investing that will lead them to obtain financial freedom. In a nation and economy filled with uncertainty, this book endeavors to bring each reader to find peace in investing and allow thier money to work for them. “

Joseph Etienne A. Morales, Lead Pastor, Newlife  North Metro

“The best time to invest in the Philippines is now, and one of the best people to teach us how is Marvin Germo. The simplicity of how he communicates his ideas is genius. After reading this book, grab another copy and give it to someone else. In this way, you are not just helping others but you have also become an advocate of financial literacy, which is the main goal of Marvin’s work.”

Jayson Lo, Best-Selling Author of the Books Younique and Debtermined