Stock Market Freedom for Every Filipino

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Over the past few years, I embarked on a mission to spend less than what I make, invest for myself and save up for the future.  What’s amazing about that is along the way God has also placed the desire for me not just to reach financial freedom for myself but to help more and more people to also reach Financial Freedom.  It’s been my personal mission to actually help more and more Filipinos to move from being consumers to investors.  To change the way each Filipino thinks on how they perceive money.  Of course investing is something that was never taught to us when we we’re younger.  We have all been taught to make good grades and climb the corporate ladder.  But it has never been taught to us what to do when the money starts piling in.

As what I always tell my personal finance clients and also attendees of our talks.  The stock market is a tool to make their money work hard for them instead of them working all their lives for it.  There are other great investments out there like mutual funds, UITF’s, forex, and bonds which hit different types of profiles and personalities of people.  The best thing an investor could do, is to find a combination of  investments that fits them as an investor!  When they start investing, it positions them to take advantage of even greater opportunities  in the future.  I am writing this out of pure joy as last Saturday marked the start of our new course modules for Stock Smarts.  Which features the basics of how Filipinos can start investing in the stock market, how they can know the perfect time for buying and selling and also selecting which stocks are worth buying because they are still cheap.  All with the goal of helping Filipinos gain a conviction to start investing and know how to invest by themselves and for themselves.

We had a total of 130 participants for the day, 65 for the morning session and another 65 in the afternoon all hungry to learn how to invest in the stock market.  March 9, became the day where we could see businessmen, professionals, OFW’s, employees, and students come in unison with open hearts and open minds.

I love what I do, I will continue doing what I do.  Until there are still Filipinos needing my help with regards to their finances I will not stop until I see more and more and more of our countrymen reach Financial Freedom!  I love our country and I dream to see a more prosperous and abundant Philippines in years to come!


If you want to learn how to know when is the best time to buy and sell your stocks catch our stock smarts seminars at 1:30 pm, March 23, 2013 at the Berjaya Hotel, Makati Avenue, Makati city. Limited slots remaining.  Forinquiries, registration, and payments email:

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